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We put product quality before business volume. Competent and honest.

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Our guidelines & company philosophy

Swiseco is a young company that strives to win your attention by…

We follow the guidelines of the BFFL (Big Five For Live).

Our POE (purpose of existence):
„If Swiseco serves the interests of the customers as best as possible, the interests of Swiseco are also served in the long term.“

Our Big Five For Live

SSupport: be a support for the pillars on which our company stands
TTeam: act in a team and act accordingly
AAccompanying: we don’t leave anyone alone – neither customers nor employees
BBuild identification: we want our pillars to be able to fully identify with us
LLoyalty: being loyal to customers, suppliers and employees, even in difficult times
EExchange: only those who are in constant exchange can act and grow or respond to individual requests
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